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For the Sake of the City (Bonus Testimony)

Dave Larlee, a Dallas cohort graduate, shares his story of how blessing prayer moves into the city. We recorded this testimony at the beginning of the cohorts and we are excited to share it with you all! It’s a modern-day story of how God miraculously multiplies ‘loaves and fish’ today. His comical testimony will remind us again of how God loves our cities and how simple obedience attracts Heaven’s attention. 


Reclaiming Territory Through Prayer Walking

As priests, we’ve been commissioned into our cities to reclaim territory for the Kingdom. These prayer walking practitioners will tell you their stories of how they’ve done this in their local neighborhood and in the nations. They will tell stories about “prayer running,” seeing breakthrough in their communities, and even seeing miraculous things happen in unreached people groups. Join us in this next podcast of Stories from the Toolshed.


Priestly Prayer, pt 2

After their practical stories, we wanted to ask our facilitators some common questions about priestly prayer. We hope these questions and answers help you step deeper into your role as a royal priest.


Priestly Prayer, pt 1

Keith Uebele, Kelsey Phillips, and Jonne Rasmussen invite us into a practical conversation about priestly prayer. They each share their priestly prayer stories from the last week of their lives. 


Physical Healing (Bonus Episode)

For our bonus episode, we asked our cohort graduates to send us current testimonies of physical healing in their neighborhoods. These humble and powerful stories will encourage you to take steps of faith in praying for healing. Let’s celebrate what God is doing in the cohorts around the world and ask Him for more!


Physical Healing

Physical healing can be one prayer tool that many Christians are afraid of. We fear “what if nothing happens?” and “should we have faith for healing today?” Tim and Stephen have a conversation around real testimonies of healing in our daily lives, within our families, and they will inspire us to pray with faith spelled R-I-S-K. Join us in this conversation!


Inner Healing

This month, Stephen and Tim interview two of our presenters exploring practical applications for inner healing as well as personal testimonies of victory and deliverance through the power of prayer and the ever-present love of Jesus.


Hearing from God

This episode records the stories of 4 of our cohort graduates from around the country that have made it a practice to hear God’s voice. From west coast to east coast, you will hear stories of men and women in their daily lives that have asked God to speak personally to them and for others. Can God speak during a hunting trip? During a life coaching session? What does God think about my identity? Do I see myself the way He sees me? Does God care about marshmallows? If you’re interested, tune in to hear our cohort graduates share practical stories that will encourage and empower you to take more steps forward in hearing God's voice.


Blessing: Intro to “Stories From The Toolshed”

Hosts Stephen and Tim say hello and share an exciting vision of how this podcast can expand your cohort learnings. They share testimonies on blessing prayer, give their personal stories on spiritual authority and blessing, and resource you with more insights on blessing prayer.

This episode follows session 1 of the Novo Spiritual Authority Cohort: Introduction to Spiritual Authority and Declarative Prayer & Blessing.  

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